Please feel free to contact Jeff for reference’s contact numbers

Jeff Lamb has given our station a fresh, bold sound. Last fall, we launched a new network, new call letters and new graphics from sign-on to sign-off. Every word was re-written in the process. Jeff, delivered high quality voiceovers with an almost instant turnaround.

He also provides voiceover work for special project on our FOX station.

David Jewell
Director, Creative Services
WDRB-WMYO Television

To: Whom It May Concern:

I have known Jeff Lamb both personally and professionally for well over twenty years and have found him, without fail, to be an outstanding individual, gifted with extraordinary voice talent and unusually strong production skills.

While Vice-President/General Manager of WWCK- FM in Flint, I had the honor of working with Jeff as he scored superlative ratings, national awards and a coveted contract  with Westwood One though his efforts on “Buffalo Dick’s Radio Ranch.” Subsequently, as I was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Reams Broadcasting, Jeff brought WIOT- FM in Toledo its highest morning show audience in the station’s history as host of “The Dawnbusters” in the early ‘90’s. Extended success on WIOT and the ability to later bring much of his Ohio listenership to WXKR stand as further testimony to his broadcast skills and abilities.

Jeff displays an excellent work ethic and, despite singular honors and success as a solo performer, has always been a team player, prioritizing group achievement and recognition above all else.

Mr. Lamb also has enjoyed a superlative grasp of essential business fundementals and the critical correlation between product, sales and marketing. It is a joy to be associated with such a well-grounded performer.

I would look forward to being again associated with Jeff at some future time and, meanwhile, extend for him my highest formal recommendation.

Please feel free to contact me for further comment or observations, should such be appropriate.

Most sincerely,
Peter Cavanaugh

Re: Jeff Lamb

To whom it may concern:

I had the pleasure of hiring Jeff in 1997 as the Morning Show host of WXKR, a new Classic Rock station in Toledo, Ohio. Our main competitor was Bob and Tom on WIOT, a heritage Rocker owned by Clear Channel. In spite of a limited promotional budget, in three books, Jeff and his cast of characters, beat WIOT and maintained their foothold on the Toledo Rock market since then.  I found Jeff to be one of the most talented Morning Show hosts I’ve ever managed….a true team player interested in the success of the station. He possesses a cast of characters second to none and show prep some of the big boys ought to pay attention to. I believe his strongest asset is his interaction with clients and listeners. He’s the best entertainer at events a manager could ask for…nothing is beneath him…a trait hard to find in talent these days! It is my belief, Jeff possesses the professionalism and talent to be a franchise player for any company.

Best regards,
Tom Klein
Regional Broadcasting, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

Jeff Lamb came on board to do mornings with some very big shoes to fill.  Our very popular morning show had just left for a bigger market and we were fortunate to get Jeff when he became available from our competitor.

Jeff not only exceeded expectations, but was a team player as well.  His positive attitude was infectious in the station.

If I had the opportunity to hire Jeff Lamb again, I would certainly do it and fast, before my competitors had a chance.

Bill Parshall

To Whom it May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff Lamb twice in my radio career. He is a very talented and hardworking team player.

He understands radio on all levels, broadcasting as well as being very sales oriented.  He has been a premier entertainer in all aspects in the Toledo market.  Jeff Lamb really knows how to play to the audience and work a live crowd.

I hope to have the pleasure of working with him again, If I had my way. He is a delightful, heartwarming individual who is loyal to the end.

MJ Siewert

To Whom It May Concern:

In 1996 at WMBD in Peoria, we found ourselves in a position of having to create a brand new kind of television morning show.  To counter program the competition’s news shows, we decided ours would be an entertainment program that did a little news.  It was intended to be a morning radio show on TV, and in fact, we simulcast it on our FM station for the first four months to get it launched.  The key to the success of this show was clearly the talent, and the most crucial hire would be the person around whom the show would revolve.  We needed a wacky, talented centerpiece talent.  Because of his great track record in Toledo, and the success of his nationally syndicated radio show, we chose Jeff Lamb.

The Morning Mix became an unprecedented success and was copied across the nation.  We went from a distant 3rd in the morning, to a close number two (with a bullet)!  The Morning Mix continued to grow for 8 consecutive books while Jeff was with the show!   Jeff provided a never ending supply of characters, well written bits, and continually offered imaginative elements to assure the continued upward growth of the show.  He took ownership in the show and did everything necessary to assure its success.  If a client needed to be nudged or schmoozed, Jeff was there with the salesperson to help.  If the cast needed to make a promotional appearance, even if it was in the evening, Jeff was there.  If a bit needed to be shot at an odd hour, Jeff was there.  He simply wouldn’t allow the show to do anything but succeed.

Although Jeff’s impressive resume was more than enough to get this job, he had to overcome another obstacle.  Being my brother added a layer of complexity.  Hiring (and working for) a sibling can create all kinds of problems.  Jeff and I worked hard to make sure that there was no appearance of special privilege for him.  Perhaps the potential for that perception caused Jeff to work even harder, to go out of his way to do more than was required.

When Jeff’s initial two year contract was about to expire, my boss, the president of our company, offered him a new three year contract with a beginning 50% pay bump.  At the same time, a Toledo radio station offered to double what we were paying him and reluctantly, I advised him to take it.

I think you will find Jeff to be one of the most creative people with whom you’ll ever work.  He brings a refreshing enthusiasm and energy to his work because he loves what he does.  If you would like to have further discussion, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Bill Lamb
General Manager
FOX-41 Louisville, KY

Daniel I. Rovner

To Whom It May Concern:

Jeff Lamb and I worked together on the Morning Mix morning show on WMBD-TV in Peoria, Illinois for over a year.   I would recommend him without qualification for a position in your organization.

While working with Jeff, he put together many outstanding creative presentations, from conceptualization through researching and fine-tuning.  His creativity, resourcefulness and “stick-to-it” approach made his presentations unique, entertaining and very successful.

Jeff is a “people” person; one who can relate to everyone, inspiring those around him to do their best for the “team.”  He is an effective communicator, a good coordinator, and sets a good example for others to follow.  Finally, Jeff Lamb’s sensitivity, diligence, energy and sense of humor made him fun to work with and be around.

I am confident that he would make a great addition to your staff, paying dividends immediately, if given the opportunity.

Daniel I Rovner
Former Executive Producer
Morning Mix